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At a time of unprecedented public funding cuts, disabled and Deaf people have been among the hardest hit as local authority budgets are reduced, they face changes in disability living allowance and a radical reform of incapacity benefit payments designed to reduce the number of claimants.

All of this serves to undermine the huge leaps forward we have made in the past few years.  There is a significant under-representation of disabled people within the media, education and cultural industries and this lack of influence and visibility means that the public will be more exposed to ill-formed media images and messages of disabled people. We can challenge that.


Challenging stereotypical media messages costs money. There’s no escaping that. Everything that we do involves paying out extra money to ensure we are accessible and that we are working with influential people and organisations to affect change. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But we need your support to do this.

Ardent Hare is a registered charity and relies on public funding, grants from Trusts and Foundations and financial support from individuals and organisations that share our vision and values.

There are three ways you can support Ardent Hare - become an Ardent Patron, offer a one off donation or make your online shopping count for us by using Easyfundraising.

"Their approach is to create change. It’s not about ticking boxes. It’s about provoking and creating change." Artist


Ardent Hare is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales.

Company number: 05574285. Charity No: 1121501