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Ardent Hare

We are passionate about cultivating creative talent and working with disabled and Deaf people to realise their creative ambitions and supporting them to progress into positions of influence. We work towards creating employment opportunities enabling disabled people to not only thrive and prosper independently, but to influence social change on a personal and national scale.


Sadly, Ardent Hare closed on Friday 21st December 2012. In order to ensure we don't receive any further donations, you may find that certain links on this site aren't functioning.

"... [Ardent Hare] is leading the way and it's the place where I go to find out what's going on."

Ardent Hare Community

As Ardent Hare is closing, we are sorry but we aren't able to accept new members.



Adieu Ardent Hare

All of us at Ardent Hare would like to bid a fond farewell to all the artists, partners, collaborators,...more

Ardent Hare is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales.

Company number: 05574285. Charity No: 1121501