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Back to normal
Written by Christopher Sacre   
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 10:22

I apologise for not typing a blog sooner. My plans went out of the window throughout the summer; the weather was awful for starters and I spent so much time with my family, which was nice. I suppose by now everything should be back to ‘normal’!

I’ve wasted so much time sorting out my website’s hosting and I’m pleased to say the website is now back online in time for the Brighton Art Fair this week (20-23 SEP). I’ve been invited to showcase my work in the main foyer at the Corn Exchange and made great progress with 421 new Adoption pieces, 196 relief print paper bags, 5000 A6 booklets and 1 large display wallpaper measuring 4m wide and 2.75 high.  My name is mentioned all over the press in Brighton and who knows where else.  Exciting, but I’m dreading it!

Chris and 421 new Adoption pieces for Brighton Art Fair

On my last blog I mentioned with the support and funding from Ardent Hare to attend Relief Printing course at the Coal Shed Press in Rochester.  I love it!  It had been great fun and it is something I would like to develop my newfound skill for the forthcoming show with two artists at the Nucleus Gallery, CHATHAM ZOO (27 OCT-8 NOV).  Not to be missed!

First relief print at the Coal ShedPaper Bag










Before you jump to any conclusions, I’ve still not applied for Arts Council funding, however I’ve some exciting news that I have a partnership from the LV21 where the main action will be taking place in Spring 2013.  More info to follow soon once I applied for funding!

I’ve been working for Rubbena as an Artist Technician supporting her workshops in London with deaf children in the last few weeks until November.  In addition I look forward to working with the National Portrait Gallery, Turner Contemporary in part of BIG DRAW and BSL guide tour respectively.

Commission for Rubbena

Next month is the month I look forward to, developing new relief prints for the CHATHAM ZOO exhibition and my birthday (!) 

Images: Christopher and 421 new Adoption pieces for Brighton Art Fair 2012, (top), First relief print at Coal Shed, (above left), Printed Paper Bag (above right), Commission for Rubbena (bottom left) all by Christopher Sacre.

New projects
Written by Christopher Sacre   
Wednesday, 04 July 2012 11:22

I’ve just been reminded to do the blog that I’m meant to do once a month or so.  Honestly, it has been busy since my last blog, I suppose I got distracted in some way.  But I do have a problem trying to remember what I’ve done!

Um, I’m not sure where to start. While some of you celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend, I showcased new works for the FOUR exhibition at the Horsebridge Art Centre in Whitstable with three artists. I’m pleased to say it went very well.  We had over 400 visitors during the private view and over 1400 in a week.  Guess what, I even made a profit for the first time, though not that much.  At least I got all the money back, so I can reinvest the money for new projects this summer.  You can check out the new Digital Prints 2012 on my website and all prints are for sale. Please note:  I currently need a new host for my website, hence why it’s not working at the moment. I’ll sort this out as soon as I can!

jackFOUR prints with dog 







I thoroughly enjoyed working on the new digital prints.  With support and funding from Ardent Hare, I wanted to explore something more original, so I’ve booked a place on a Relief Printing Course with the Coal Shed Press in Rochester for two days on 14-15 July.  Cant wait to start!

I’ve been invited back to work with Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq at MK Gallery for the Mini Makers session. MK Gallery has also offered me a training day this month with the Arts Award Discover & Explore. In addition I had a positive meeting with Turner Contemporary and Kent County Council and we discussed how we could work to bring the deaf community together in Margate.  Of course it’s not an easy process, but we’ll get there at the end with a one-year project starting this October.

mini makers sessionturner contemporary







I’m taking part in the MEDWAY OPEN STUDIOS on 7-8 July for those who dare to meet me for a chat about my work and have a nose around in my studios. It’s a great day out, so don’t miss it!

And you may recall I made a yellow, red balsa model plane and some props for the new The Secret Lab series a while ago?  The first two Episodes are now on live via online at www.bslbt.co.uk 

With regret, I’ve not made any progress with applying for Arts Council funding. I think I wanted to do something different because I’m still on a journey discovering new ideas, so I know what and where I need the money the most.  Finally, I can start on my next two projects this summer for the Brighton Art Fair and currently planning a another group exhibition this October at the Nucleus Gallery!

Images: Jack (top left), FOUR exhibition (top right), Mini Makers session (above left), Turner Contemporary (above right), all by Christopher Sacre.

Taking one day at a time
Written by Christopher Sacre   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 12:39

I just had a quick read of my previous blogs and my goodness how times have changed! I had so much stuff in my head and didn’t know what the future would hold for me.  That’s why, I’m now taking one day at a time. I can’t do everything at once, you know. 

Recently, I received payment for the commission projects I have done and suddenly my worries meant nothing.  I paid for one of my studios in full, and so now I can look forward to doing what I love best, working in my studio with passion.  However it’s far from over yet.

Christopher StudioI had my first one-to-one session with Suzanne Rose from Ardent Hare. I’m not sure what her title is, but I do know she is meant to be looking after me! The session was positive, we chatted mostly about funding applications and how I can move forward with my plans. 

For this month, I’ve got two exciting exhibitions to look forward to.  To my surprise, one of my paintings, PAINTING II has been selected for the Shape Open Exhibition at the Portobello Gallery in Notting Hill (24 April-6 May) and most importantly, FOUR at the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable (30 May-5 June). 

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on new ideas and I couldn’t stop, so exciting!  I wanted to do everything at once, but it’s not possible and so for the show I’ll produce new paintings, I can’t blooming wait! 

(I need to calm down though!) Four

Please do check my website for more details regarding to exhibitions. Oh, by the way, I had a quick mini revamp on my current website, hope you like the new look.

At times, I can’t stop thinking about the Brighton Art Fair. I will be doing this September and I’ve decided to pay more attention to what I’m doing and focus on creating new works during the summer.  It’s an amazing opportunity. 5000 people in three days and it’s important to get this right because if I don’t, will I get another chance? work in progress Christopher

I hope to learn the art of screen printing after the FOUR exhibition in June, this should be fun.  I believe this will bring the best results for how I want my work to develop in the next few months. 

Images: Brain storming section in my studio (above left), Forthcoming Four exhibtion poster (above right), Work in progress, Christopher Sacre (left).

Finding Balance
Written by Christopher Sacre   
Monday, 26 March 2012 14:09

What a beautiful start to the day in my new office at home with my twin girls fighting over the computer, whilst I’m trying to get my blog done, before I get told off by Ardent Hare (!) 

I’m pleased to say that I’m not going to moan this time round, due to many kind words from friends and from people, whom I’ve not even met. I am most grateful and thank you.  I know it was just that my morale was pretty low at some points last month. I was worrying too much about everything - like a storm above my head and then eventually the clouds passed by.

a model plane blog imageIn the past month, I have made some props and assisted Remark! Production crew for the new Secret Lab series.  It was totally different to what I normally do at my studio. I worked long hours, but I had fun and a great experience.  Remark! was pleased with the props and I worked well with the crew during filming. Hopefully they will use my services again in the near future.  Oh, the programmes will be broadcast in May on the internet. I will let you know as soon I have the dates.

Then suddenly it can feel quite lonely working on your own in the studio not knowing when and where your next sale will come from.  I think to be honest, I spent so much time on paperwork re: funding, emails, research, enquiries at my studio, I started to lose focus.  I know it’s not my favourite part of the job, but it had to be done.  With so much in my head and my family needing me, I might have overworked myself, trying too hard to please everyone. So I took a few days off, spent time with my family and worked at the allotment with my father.  It worked wonders. I got my energy and focus back. I’m still as hungry as ever for more success. It’s not that straight forward at present, due to current poor cash flow, but work, exhibitions, and Open Studio opportunities have started to come in.  I need to learn when to say thanks, but no thanks and stay focused and stick to my plans for 2012.  And most importantly to get the balance right when comes to work and family.

calm by the sea in whitsable blog imageI learnt alot at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea (London) and now have workshops booked at Milton Keynes Gallery and Turner Contemporary Gallery respectively. I sold few Adoption sculpture pieces and have new projects to look forward to. I can’t wait to start taking photos and making drawings for my new screen-printing works for the forthcoming FOUR Show at the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable (30 MAY-5 JUN 2012).

It may be slow, but it’s worth the wait and worthwhile when all comes to fruition. 

Images: A model plane for Secret Lab, Christopher Sacre (above left), Calm by the sea at Whitstable, Christopher Sacre (above right).

The Need to Earn
Written by Christopher Sacre   
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 09:26

Before I start on my second blog, I would like to pay my respect to a well-known deaf artist, Chuck Baird from USA who passed away last month.  I was lucky to have met him in Washington DC, USA (2002) where I’ve been selected to exhibit my works for Deaf Way II, a showcase of artworks by deaf artists from around the world.  A truly talented artist and a nice bloke…

Um, I’m not sure where to start since my last blog it has been fairly slow and um, I feel I’ve lost my touch as an artist mainly due to the lack of funding to keep me going.  (To keep this short, no sales or funding means no money and therefore no creativity for new ideas or opportunity to develop new sculptures at present etc.)  Worse of all, I received a warning letter regarding my studios rent. It really is that bad – I’m four months behind on my rent. I felt sick when I read the letter, luckily they are very understanding and have faith in me to catch up my rent, fast. I’m working on a commission to make props for Remark! Productions and I’ve been working at the Tate Britain with families during half term.image of a fuselage frame being developed as a prop

Just because we are artists and work self-employed or freelance, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are hugely successful business people.  And how on earth is it possible to be successful business people when some people expect to pay less than the asking price we ask for or even expect artwork or workshops as a favour. Who do they think they are?!  We all know that time, materials, studio, website, business cards, travel expenses and condoms (my chosen materials!) cost money and the list is endless.  I simply do not have a high income and have to pay for all of these with my earnings.  I need to keep my business going but it’s often hard work without support. Let me tell you something. I sent an email for a quote but received no reply for a week. A friend of mine telephoned the company on my behalf and sorted it in three minutes (!)  It’s not that straight forward being deaf. It can be so blooming slow and a pain in the bum..!

Of course, I chose this path because I love my job. It gives me satisfaction and pleasure to know that the general public enjoy what I do, enjoy my artworks and are interested enough to follow my professional development. I just need some people to understand and respect me and other artists because I’m sick of being ‘nice’ and ‘polite’. As with other artists, I put an enormous amount of hours in to make a living for myself and my family - I’m a proud daddy of three children.  I loathe talking about money and I know I’m not alone and many other artists are in the same boat. It’s amazing how money can affect you. I would just like some respect in our profession please, thank you.

I’m sorry this is not an exciting blog but at least I’m being honest. I suppose this is what my blog is all about - sharing with you what’s impacting on me each month. I’ll do my best for a more exciting blog next time.

If you happen to have a Facebook account please ‘Like’ at www.facebook.com/ccsacre to follow my latest news and photos, thanks.

Image: Fuselage frame for a model plane to be used as a prop for Remark! Productions


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