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Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Featured Artists are artists and creative people that in our opinion are doing great things and are making appealing and intriguing work.

Like a Magpie/Laura Murphy

Well I am very happy to have been asked to be the first featured artist on the new Ardent Hare website!

Like a Magpie is an ickle business run by Laura Murphy (BA Hons Three Dimensional Design)

‘For years I was told I was ‘like a magpie’. I’m hoping this was because I was always attracted to sparkly things and not because I’m an annoying, screechy bird! After graduating I started making wall hangings that were dripping in sequins and wonderfully twinkly – I received so many compliments that I decided to make it into a little business.

The business has evolved over the past few years. I now make gift boxes, wall hangings, random upcycled furniture and lovely things to decorate your ‘nest’ with. I like to use a touch of sparkle, colour and a bit of humour in my work...I like to make people smile! All work is handmade by me – from sewing hundreds of sequins onto a wall hanging to sanding and varnishing furniture. I love the variety and being hands on!

I work from my studio at The West End Studios in Chatham and sometimes at home (depending on how cold it is!) and sell from a store on etsy. Ideally, I’ll go back to part time work this year and start promoting the business so it provides me with a decent income! I’d also like to tender for public art commissions and do some 3D light pieces. So that should keep me out of trouble!

I have suffered with depression and panic attacks since I was 17. In the past year I have had more generalized anxiety, which kind of brought my world to a bit of a halt. It’s been a real learning curve and very frustrating as I have so much I want to do and so many places I want to go.

The disruption of mental illness over the years and the effect this has on my confidence to move forward has been hard to deal with. I am pleased to be getting back to my creative roots and find that it really helps me to go to my studio and create – having the support of Dada South/Ardent Hare is crucial for those people, like me, who need the support to get where they want to be in life. Modern life is so fast moving, and when you can’t keep up, it’s easy to feel you’ve failed.  Dada South/Ardent Hare has made me re-think my plans and made me realise I am just as capable as anyone else; I just might need to do things in a different way to other people.

Web: www.likeamagpie.com


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