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Where We’re Going


Ardent Hare's vision is to create a vibrant community of imaginative, confident and creative people contributing to a fairer, more inspiring world.


Ardent Hare's mission is to stimulate the best creative experiences led by disabled, Deaf and other artists that act as a catalyst for transformational thinking and action, both regionally and nationally.


  • We enrich the creativity, business intelligence and employability of creative disabled people
  • We facilitate creative disabled people to produce inspiring and refreshing new work
  • We create more opportunities for creative disabled people to professionalise their practice and create financial self-sustainability
  • We connect creative people with appreciative audiences and receptive clients
  • We challenge existing notions of disability amongst disabled and non-disabled people


Everything that we do is informed by a whole set of values and beliefs that are important to us:

  • Disability is both important and not important
  • People are at the heart of our business
  • Commitment to quality in everything we do
  • Learning is an essential part of the journey
  • Risk taking encourages innovation and creativity, leading to social change and development
  • We are all the same, we are all different
  • Creativity is fundamental to life
  • Partnership raises everyone's game - together we are stronger

From Darkness by Caroline Cardus

From Darkness by Caroline Cardus

"...[Ardent Hare] punch above their weight ... it shocked me that their presence is so big given that you've got three people. It's just extraordinary. An extraordinary achievement."

Ardent Hare is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales.

Company number: 05574285. Charity No: 1121501