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What We're Doing

2012/13 What We’re Doing

2012 has finally arrived. This much anticipated Olympic and Paralympic year sees Ardent Hare concluding its Accentuate programmes and celebrating the achievements of the artists engaged with these projects.


Go Public


Sarah Scott, Lorna Giezot and Zoe Partington have been commissioned by Ardent Hare (Dada-South as it was) and are now planning innovative and eclectic projects ahead of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. This year sees the culmination of their projects:


Lorna Giezot’s ‘The Door’


(Photo: Moose Azim)

Lorna has created a door and doorway out of glass for installation in a forest environment. The inspiration came from researching metaphors for access, restriction and opportunity, with the door being a universal symbol to all members of society. This year Ardent Hare will be working with Lorna to install the sculpture.


Zoe Partington’s ‘First Impressions’


(Photo: Zoe Partington)

First impressions is an artistic concept about utilizing digital technology to play, research and capture the bio-medical data of disabled participants and non-disabled people to record their heart rate, temperature and brain activity of their journeys through the public realm. It enables the artist to investigate and capture bio-medical data about how disabled people feel emotionally and physically about their experiences in their streetscape. Zoe will develop the outcomes into a final public artwork that will be presented in High Wycombe.


Sarah Scott’s ‘Being Me Being’


(Image: Sarah Scott/Rachel Gadsden)

Being Me Being is a Deaf-led project that explores creative expressions of the body with yoga and visual arts as a route towards a new perspective amongst disabled people and those with long term health conditions, revealing the creativity and personal journey of those with hidden and less visible disabilities and bringing this into the public domain. Watch the film. Being Me Being is available for presentation at festival and events. Please contact Ardent Hare in the first instance.


Artist Development Tool


(Photo: Stevie Rice)

We know that engaging with Ardent Hare has a big impact on people. We know because they tell us. This year we will be developing our tool to track the development of artists as they journey through our programmes so that we can follow their progress and really understand what works and what doesn’t work for them.


Online Community


(Drawing: Sally Booth)

If you haven’t already signed up to join our community, please do. This area will provide resources, inspiration, insight and opportunities and we’re committed to growing it this year.




(Photo: Moose Azim)

We’re investigating how we can play a more hands on role in supporting creative people in pursuing self-employment and are looking at partnerships and a programme that enhances the creative entrepreneurial skills of disabled and Deaf people.


Advice, Guidance and Networking


(Photo: Moose Azim)

Coming together in groups or in a one to one situation really does combat the isolation many disabled, Deaf and self-employed people feel. We plan to continue our advice and guidance offer to disabled and Deaf people, recognising that this is a crucial line of facilitated support for many and to hold network events that will bring our community together. This is subject to funding so follow the hare for updates.



Door by Lorna Giezot

"...[Ardent Hare] punch above their weight ... it shocked me that their presence is so big given that you've got three people. It's just extraordinary. An extraordinary achievement."

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