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About Us

Ardent Hare is the new name for Dada-South.

We are passionate about cultivating creative talent and working with disabled and Deaf people to realise their creative ambitions. We invest in the entrepreneurialism of disabled and Deaf creative people and support their progression into positions of influence. We work towards creating employment opportunities enabling disabled people to not only thrive and prosper independently, but to influence social change on a personal and national scale.

Through creative approaches we offer new ideas for wide-scale change, proving that disabled people who channel their passion into creative action, can achieve great things. Not only do we simply ‘invest in artists’, we find them work, we up-skill them, we connect them to a wider network of like-minded people, we hearten appreciative audiences and receptive clients. We channel them ‘Up-Stream’ increasing their profile and their visibility, proffering inspiring stories to challenge ill-formed media images and messages of disabled people. Doing all of this in partnership challenges other people’s thinking too.


Ardent Hare is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales.

Company number: 05574285. Charity No: 1121501